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            Huizhou Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

            About Us

            Company Profile


            Since our establishment, we have been exploring and learning from experienced and excellent professionals and experts from all over the world. Adopting the customers' opinions and recognized by the market and clients. We have built and participated in many influential projects together with famous companies at home and abroad.

            Steel Structure Manufacturing Projects:Huizhou Daya Bay Oil Project, CSINOPEC, Guangzhou Lianzhong Stainless Steel Project, Guangzhou P&G Production and Distribution Center, Zhuhai Yuchai, Dongfang Electric Phase II, auto spare parts joint workshop of Beiqi FOTON motor Co.,Ltd, Midea Group Project, BYD Project, Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, Joint workshop of CNHTC, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Tennis Center, Hitachi GST, Convey brackets of American Mining Conveyor, Australia Darwin University, N-SUKALA.SA Project, Warehouse of Hongsheng company in Papua, Indonesia, Vietnamese Cave Power Plant Project, Vanke real estate project in Shenzhen and Nanning, etc.

            Steel Structure Construction Projects:Hunan Liling Ceramic Exhibition Hall, Shenzhen West International Jewelry City, Xingdong Nation Health Industrial Park in Guizhou, Concert Hall of Complex stadium, 1# Station of Logistic Area of Shenzhen Airport, Huadu Station of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway, Zhuhai Yuchai project, Guangzhou Plant and Chengdu Plant of CSG Holding Co., Ltd., Technical Reconstruction Engineering Projects of 1# , 2#Shipyards ( The Second Section) WenChong Shipyard in Guangzhou, Steel Structure Engineering Project of Extension of Third Section of Shipyard Of WenChong Shipyard in Guangzhou, Painting Workshop of Guangzhou Wen Chong Shipyard Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Huangpu shipbuilding co.,ltd. Dragon's Lair plant expansion project of general assembly workshop, Shenzhen CIMC Investec Industrial Park first phase of steel structure workshop and roofing construction project, Steelwork for Phase II Project of XinHui CIMC Composite Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhongxin Communication, Steel Structure Project of Sanya Phoenix Island Bridge, Nine Dragons Paper, Haier Group, Bridgestone etc.

            Huizhou Fengyuan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. always adheres to the conception of “Focus On Client, Based On Striver”, for the goal of being the Industry Benchmark, Being Professional and typical, while making every effort to provide “honor, excellent and efficient” services for customers.